History of the Martian Mascot

"The Martians?! Where did

you ever get a name like that?"

"Why would anyone want to be named

after little green men from outer


Because of our unique name, Goodrich students are often faced with questions and comments like these. We know that the term "Martian" does not refer to space aliens at all, but rather to Mars, the Roman god of war. Nevertheless, explaining this fact to others has become an increasingly familiar task as the true meaning and origin of the name becomes more and more obscure.

Prior to the 1930's, Goodrich students were known as the Goodrich Gladiators. At that time, Goodrich was still a farming community and the school system had the official title of "Goodrich Rural Agricultural Schools". When the "Martian" name was adopted in the 1930's, it had a dual significance because in Roman mythology, Mars was an agricultural deity as well as a warrior.

Fifty years later, the "Rural Agricultural" is gone from our name. Goodrich still has many small farms, and the Martian warriors have to be reckoned with on the playing field and in the classroom.

Martians in the classroom will soon be seeing changes in curriculum as education throughout the county seeks to meet the challenges of the computer revolution. These changes will include computer instruction and stronger requirements in every area.

Whether it's explaining the Martian name or updating the curriculum, administration, staff, and students at Goodrich High School are all involved in the process of